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Enter now for your chance to win loads of exclusive and collectable prizes, including original oil paintings, limited edition signed books, merchandise, and much, much more.


Official Music Video

Just in case you missed it, here’s our official music video for our Christmas song last year. We’re currently at 875 views and would love to make it to 1,000 – can you help? If you like it, please consider subscribing and sharing it around. We’ll be re-releasing the track for Christmas 2021… If you like it A LOT, you can download it from this link: https://tonedeftony.hearnow.com/ which will also give the link to play it on Spotify! Thanks for all your support 🙂


BUY Our Song, It’s A Christmas ‘Cracker’!

With Christmas only 17 days away, we’re pulling out all the stops to try and expose our highly addictive charity Christmas song to as many people as possible. Buy our song and help us support those in the pub and hospitality trade survive this panic-demic!

Santa Cover NEW

It’s been quite an ordeal trying to spread the word, especially as we are up against so many more contenders this year, and have absolutely no backing. It hasn’t helped that even though we’re raising money for the pub and hospitality sector, EVERY SINGLE charity we’ve approached has either shunned our song or ignored us completely! It beggars belief that even the industry we are trying to help won’t even help us promote our song. Apart from a handful of publicans, we’ve had no assistance whatsoever. Gotta say I’m absolutely disgusted, but I remain hopeful.

Merry, Bloody Christmas!


£250,000 Raised To Help Save Our Great British Pubs!

Notre-Dame got way more money, and that’s just a building! Millions of tourists used to flock to the UK every year, not only to see Buckingham Palace and a glimpse of the royal family, but also to experience what a REAL, British pub is really like. Nowhere else in the world do we have anything closely resembling a British pub, and soon we might not have any in the UK.

Sadly, thanks to the the UK government, under the control and direction of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, under the premise of protecting the taxpayer-funded NHS, before any actual laws had been passed, deemed it permissible to shut one of our biggest – and most overlooked – assets right before any evidence was available that they were even a threat, let alone a contributing factor to the spread of this new (alleged – I’m disbelieving more and more every day!) coronavirus. The Treasury must be pulling their hair out trying to work out how to pay for this catastrophe! Oh no, how silly of me! WE the taxpaying business people will have to pay for it – if we still have businesses to run!!!

OBVIOUSLY £250,000 hasn’t been raised YET to bail out the great, British pubs, but wouldn’t it be marvelous, if we could raise £250,000 through the sale of our silly, Christmas song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, to give something back to a great, British institution that has helped to raise BILLIONS OF POUNDS over the years for worthy causes? This is a blatant publicity stunt, but since the pubs have been seriously overlooked in the thinking of these ludicrous government-imposed restrictions, and we are just three old codgers trying to make a difference, we had to do something to try and get SOME attention!

To top that, we can’t wait to be number one, we’re giving ALL OUR DOWNLOAD SALES AND STREAMS TO HELP THE PUBS!!!

It’s actually quite a fun song that sticks in your head once you hear it, as long as you don’t mind the odd mildly rude word…


Santa Cover NEW

Or watch our ‘Blue Peter’ music video for free…


Official Charts Christmas Number 1 Contender! “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony

Santa Cover NEWAmidst all the doom and gloom of the governmental announcements about our prolonged enforced confinement and the deliberate victimisation of our great British pubs, isn’t it nice to have a glimmer of hope for Christmas: our song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, has actually made a ‘blip’ on the radar of the Official Charts Chistmas Number 1 Contender List…! (read the full article here, scroll past all the famous people to get to us!)

Ranked alongside the likes of Robbie Williams, Jess Glynne, Liam Gallagher, Becky Hill, Matt Lucas, and Dolly Parton – to name but a few of the extremely famous, connected, and influential celebrities of our time that we are ranked with and competing against – is no small feat, and incredibly morale-boosting news, as we’re just three old blokes trying to make a difference to the people in the pub trade that are suffering at this time.

Nobody Thought We Stood A Chance!

Two and a half years ago when I came up with the idea and wrote this song, everybody thought I was totally crazy! They didn’t like the song. They didn’t like the lyrics. They thought I’d lost the plot. And that includes family and friends! BUT they’re NOT LAUGHING NOW!

As THE ONLY charity song that is helping people in the pub and hospitality trade… THE MOST ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS SONG IN DECADES… and a song created by the BIGGEST UNDERDOGS EVER… We are amazed and astounded that our – albeit very catchy – song has captured the hearts and the wallets of our nation! It’s humbling.


We’re not salesmen, we’re not businessmen, we’re three blokes on a mission to help. So dip in your pocket and buy our song!


Thank you! And Merry, Bloody Christmas!


Last Orders For Our Great Pubs: RiP.

tombstoneOnce again it would appear that our great British pubs are being unfairly victimised by our incompetent government. You can get your hair cut and go to the gym, as well as get together to pray and worship, but you can’t go into your local and enjoy a pint and a chat. 31,000 pubs will probably not be able to open and function under these new lockdown restrictions. I don’t care that they are saying it’s not a lockdown, it’s a lockdown.

What I want to know is will this be what our future looks like forever, as the Flu kills more people than Covid-19, and is a coronavirus, so will we have to self-isolate forever to protect people from the menace of Flu? I have no faith in our government and will using my democratic right the next time around (if I still have any rights by then) to vote all these incompetents out of office!



Charity Rejections! You Just Can’t Give Money Away.

Santa Cover NEWWe’re probably not going to do ourselves any favours here by posting this, but I just wanted to highlight the extreme challenge for anybody else trying to undertake a similar charitable endeavour.

As if it wasn’t time consuming and hard enough to go through all the steps and hurdles to create, compose, master, release, register, distribute, and promote an original song – not to mention the personal financial outlay involved – trying to find a charity to partner with has proven just as time consuming, and even more frustrating.

For over two months now we have been trying to find a charity involved with the pub and hospitality industry (which is crying out for help!) to partner with. I think we’ve contacted every single one that we could find via the internet, and have yet to find one willing to work with us! Even though it’s tempting, I won’t embarrass the organisations that have already turned us down for various reasons (including the use of a very mild swear word in our song, all the way up to disagreeing that COVID-19 is like the Flu! To name just a few daft excuses!)

They are all very happy to accept our donation once we’ve done all the hard work, but none want to be associated with us. What does that say about their organisations? To me, it puts them in exactly the same league as our incompetent government that is more than happy to spend our taxpayer money on whims and whimsy, but aren’t prepared to put their own oars in the water and paddle! Likewise the uptake by the hospitality industry in general has been lacking. At this rate, I’m more inclined to give any money we actually will raise to race-nondescript, trans-gender, vegan, teetotaler, car-hating, eco-friendly, tofu-terrorists that look like cute kittens!

Just saying… it’s frustrating.

Buy The Song Here!


Premiere Nov. 27th Reminder

Amidst 1000s of emails we have to send to help promote our charity song, I still manage to find the time to respond to fan’s requests, and those from overseas where English is NOT their first language, they have requested a Lyric Video (a sing-a-long version to you and I!) to help them learn and understand the song.

Click the link below to set a reminder to be amongst the first to listen along and read the funny (albeit slightly rude by prudish standards) lyrics to our charity Chirstmas song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony:

And don’t forget, it’s raising money for charity, so if you like it please buy it, stream it, share it, like it, toast it, add it to your morning coffee, have it as a chaser with your favourite beer, whatever!



Christmas Number One Here We Come!

Great to be on BBC Radio Solent with Pat Sissons yesterday for his Make A Difference segment.  He said, “…we’re gonna have to beat this one, I think.” Encouraging support and the first DJ (that we know of so far) to actually give our song some airplay. It was great to hear him say, “Tone Def Tony… Def as in cool!”

Definitely added to the new hero list. Hear the interview below:



As Boris looks set to put us all back under house arrest once more, let’s look at the data behind his reasoning:

UK Population: 67.8 million

Total UK COVID Deaths: 46,717

Simple calculation gives us a mortality rate of ONLY 0.69%

A VERY DEADLY virus indeed! Far less dangerous than the Flu, Cancer, Heart-related disease, etc. So, does that mean the Government is going to protect us from these as well and funnel just as much of our taxpayer money into this?

It’s madness – the Lockdown MUST STOP NOW!!!

“Destination Earth” – Something New From Tone Def Tony

Not being one for computer games and wasting my time on trivial things, in between learning Mandarin Chinese, I got to tinkering with some old samples I found lying around, and knocked up this little experimental thing… and found a few video images to go with it. I hope you like it!

You can still listen to and buy my Christmas song here: https://tonedeftony.hearnow.com/

And for those of you that don’t know, I also write Children’s books, and my new release is Michael and the Magic Hiccup available on amazon!

What’s Wrong With This Equation…?

Picture the scene… It’s minus 2 degrees, and my homeless friend, Andy, is in need of something to warm him up. He wants a coffee, so I go to the Starbucks over the road. I wouldn’t ever be seen dead in one as I think they are a waste of space, but for him I go. It’s empty. I enter. I’m not wearing a gag. I order. I’m polite and chat with Keano the server. Unbeknownst (I love that word!) to me, an elderly couple enter the bar (…dangerously stand close to one another… lol) dressed like bandits. They had obviously ordered earlier, as they got served first. BUT… before they got their ESSENTIAL order, they HAD TO accost me and berate me for not wearing a mask! I got a full, FIVE-MINUTE-BLAST from both of them about how I was endangering THEIR lives…! I was too shocked to even speak…

I wish I’d been awake enough to say, “If you’re THAT scared, stay the FUCK HOME CUNTS!” Which, obviously, is where they should have been. BUT, coffee, unlike the pub and hospitality trade, IS an essential item… it would seem. And coffee drinkers and mindless, ignorant cunts, that care more about adhering to rules than taking care of what’s important, like looking after other human beings that are starving and freezing this year.

Boris, you’re a fucking cunt! And so are all you’re clowns. You’re killing more people than you’re saving, and you should be held up on terrorist charges!!!

PS – To the elderly couple that BROKE the law by going out for non-essential coffee… If I see you again, look out… 😉

Well, That’s It, With LadBaby in the Running, The Pubs Are Fucked!

When LadBaby said earlier in the year they weren’t really sure about releasing a THIRD Christmas song, but then when they did their Walkers crisps deal, I KNEW they were going for a Hat trick! And now they’ve officially released it. That’s it, our effort to try and help the pubs is now sunk! We were making good ground with the resources we had, but we are now OFFICIALLY out of the running.

What can I say, we tried. Not bitter and twisted, but when NONE of the pub & hospitality trade charities would touch us, and hardly any pubs supported our campaign to help them, it’s no wonder we were dead in the water. Sadly, after 15 charity events, this is me saying goodbye to helping unfortunates, I’m suffering just as much, if not MORE than you – go fucking help yourselves for a change! That’s what I had to do when nobody was helping me out. Charity begins with realising you CAN actually get off your fat lazy arse are help yourself!

Merry, bloody Christmas!

Santa Cover NEW

When Pubs Are ESSENTIAL Again. What Then…?

For the record, once again, I KNOW pubs are an essential part of our culture, society, and community, even if the government doesn’t seem to think so! I’ll go further, because I don’t own or run a pub, I just want to support them and give them a voice, so I’m not afraid of losing my license or being arrested, or fined unfairly, so I’ll say PUBS ARE DOING MORE THAN THE NHS to save lives, but aren’t taxpayer-funded! I also want to say pubs have been VERY unfairly singled out as ‘enemy number one’ by the government with no scientific proof for their actions, which is why I’ve been trying to help spread the word and raise money with my Christmas song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, this year. But this post isn’t about promoting the song, it’s about the future…

Hopefully… Eventually… the government will admit they massively overreacted to this virus (there have still been no access/ extra deaths based on official Office of National Statistics data compared to previous years!) and will offer a formal apology to the pub and hospitality trade, that have gone above and beyond what they should have been enforced to do to comply with ‘ridiculously biased’ rules and regulations and restrictions.

But let’s now think about a brighter future… if anyone’s bothered to read this far! The summer of 2021… Little Johnny’s local football team needs a new kit. Where do you go? The local pub to tap up the punters! The local darts team needs somewhere to practice, where do they go…? The cricket team…? Where do you go to meet your mates…? ‘Oh, I’m having a fundraiser…’ where do you go…? THE PUB!

The BIGGEST FUNDRAISERS in the country have been left out in the cold!!! Approximately £100 million every year is raised by pubs in the UK. And they have been left without any form of charity this year – it’s disgusting what the government has done to them! The government is forcing FOOD WASTE, whilst people starve! They are encouraging home-drinking and depression! There are no codes and regulations to stop people buying too much alcohol at supermarkets or stores! No food needed. It’s ridiculous!

Boris, I don’t give a shit what you don’t do with Brexit, you’re probably gonna ‘Brikit’, you’ve fucked us already, so why worry! £2 TRILLION in national debt…! Doubled in almost a year!!! You need your own Magna Carta!!!

I have to stop, because I’m so angry it’s making me very depressed!


“Shut Up Tony!” The Funniest Interview Yet.

Just when I thought I was getting used to doing radio interviews, not only are we beset with technical difficulties (their end this time, I think!) but when they think we’ve gone off air, I get shouted at. The signal’s not great, but it’s well worth listening to for the comedic value – you just can’t make this stuff up – gold dust!

Back On Chat & Spins Radio Tonight 7.15pm GMT

Ron Clark has invited me back on his show on Chat & Spin Radio tonight at 7.15pm for a follow-up interview to hear the progress we’ve made since the last time I was on. Click the image below to go to their website and tune in live, if you’re around…

chat and spin

Remember, you can buy our song here and help us support the struggling pub and hospitality trade this year!

Santa Cover NEW