“Laughter for Life” Charity Idea

Laughter for life logo
A mock-up of the “Laughter for Life” logo.

As part of our song project I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, and because it is for Christmas, the time for giving, we are hoping to use a goodly chunk of any money raised from selling and promoting the song to help fund a charitable project we devised: Laughter for Life.

All three members of FINCH, DAVEY, AND DONNELLY ENTERPRISES agreed very early on that they wanted a strong charitable giving element to the song project from the start.

“Laughter IS The BEST Medicine!”

Building upon the adage above, most hospital wards are drab, dreary, ‘unfunny’ places full of stressed out, over-worked medical staff, and sad, sick people and their relatives. Tone Def Tony (aka Donnelly) a ‘struggling’ stand-up comedian for many years, had long since wanted to get other comedians into hospital wards and especially hospices to cheer up the patients and staff. But that seemed like merely a pipe-dream with all the effort it would take and no funds, so they decided to go down a more traditional route and contact established charities.

Earlier this year, the team had approached Great Ormond Street Hospital and Dr Barnados with their fundraising song idea, but both organizations replied stating that they did not want to be publicly associated with the project, and we could not use them in any promotional material or marketing, BUT THEY’D BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO RECEIVE ANY DONATIONS!

That’s when the three turned back to Tony’s old idea. Hence ‘Laughter for Life’ was born! Well, at least the first seeds have been sown… well, they have a rough idea for the charity logo (as can be seen above!) Admittedly, they are not artists and not very good with PhotoShop, so it looks more like a fag dangling out of Tragedy’s mouth rather than a thermometer, but it gives you an idea. We’d love an actual graphic artist to create a better, more professional looking logo, so if there’s anyone out there… Please get in touch!

Who knows how successful our song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, will be. We may not raise any money at all, but at least we are trying! In the meantime, if you are a healthcare professional that would like some comedy in your ward, or a comedian (at whatever level) that would like to cheer up some sick and dying folk, please use our contact form to get in touch.

As always, many, many thanks for all your continued support. Keep reposting and sharing about our song and this great charity project.

Until Next Time…!

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