#free-santa.com: Not Everyone Wants To Go #Viral…!

A bit of a f**k-up last time around! (I got a severe ticking off for THAT one! Far too many beers… hic!)

It’s too early for this to go viral, besides, nobody has ever read this blog, so we don’t have to worry about that! BUT on the point of f**k-ups, is Joe Public too dumb to know the “**” represents a “U” and a “C”… So, it’s really FUCKED-UP and PISSED in our song, but the BBC might not find that okay!

So… we’re trying to think of funny sounds to cover the rude words up, and we’d like your help deciding:

  1. Just use a pause, i.e., silence
  2. A Christmas party tooty-thingy
  3. A very big belch/ burp!
  4. Use “drunk” instead?
  5. A fart!
  6. All of the above

So, what do YOU think? You’re our target audience, if you’re reading this. So why not give us your opinion…


PS – Don’t forget our fundraiser is coming very soon. If I can stay sober enough, it will probably launch on Monday! Please help to share the word far and wide…



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