Our Crowdfunder Was Supposed To Be Live…!?

Oops! That’s REALLY embarrassing! (and THIS time NOT due to enormous amounts of alcohol…!

Tone Def Tony FundraisingWe told everyone – including the Press – that our crowdfunding activities via “crowdfunder.co.uk” was going to go live at noon today, but… it looks like “crowdfunder.co.uk” have taken issue with our song in some way, as they have banned our funding campaign! Or at least put it on hold, pending an enquiry…!

“Oi, Santa! Leave our song alone!”

It would appear that even though Ofcom and 99% of the world does not take umbrage over the word PISSED… crowdfunder.co.uk apparently does!

I guess that’s what you get for NOT going with Kickstarter.com or Indigogo.com or one of the more reputable sites…! Shame on us 😦

Stay tuned, and we’ll hope to get this all remedied REALLY soon… maybe.



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