Weekend Recap – Silly Santa Song Project

Pumpkin340WELL, THE WEEKEND IS UPON US once more! Most people are gearing up for Hallowe’en, pumpkins, fireworks, and Guy Fawkes’ Night, but we are burning the candle at both ends to promote our song and Kickstarter project.


We thought it might be a good idea for those of you that are only just finding out about our upcoming Christmas hit I Got Pissed With Santa Claus, we’ give you some easy links to some earlier posts you may not have had a chance to read yet. Obviously you can use the menu tabs to read about the background and read the lyrics, but here are some links to topics that might be of interest, and a link to an early version of the song. Enjoy the weekend!

Listen to the early version of the song.

Building the recording studio.

About how it got written.

A peek inside the studio.

Some bad press!?

Well, that’s just a little taster. We’re trying to stay optimistic about our Kickstarter, but we’re not doing very well, sadly. Please keep helping us spread the word. Fingers crossed we’ll actually hit our target, but we are a long way off…!

Thank you! Until Next Time…


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