You’ve Got A Friend…

Being your own cheerleader is a hard job sometimes. This is just one of THOSE days, sorry, so I’m reaching out. I’ve tried everything to cheer myself up, but nothing seems to be working! When you reach out to EVERYONE and they are all ‘busy’ – isn’t it amazing how you can have 200+ people on speed dial and there’s nobody there! The wheels are coming off all of my projects: the song is bogged down in technical problems, absolutely nobody is supporting our Kickstarter, so I’ve stopped promoting it, I’ve had endless auditions and no jobs appearing, money is evaporating, and it all just seems pointless! It’s just one of those days where you think, “Why do I even bother?”

So, in the hope I can find somebody that’s having a worse day than me, here’s something to think about…

…if YOU need a friend, I’m here!

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