Well, That’s It, With LadBaby in the Running, The Pubs Are Fucked!

When LadBaby said earlier in the year they weren’t really sure about releasing a THIRD Christmas song, but then when they did their Walkers crisps deal, I KNEW they were going for a Hat trick! And now they’ve officially released it. That’s it, our effort to try and help the pubs is now sunk! We were making good ground with the resources we had, but we are now OFFICIALLY out of the running.

What can I say, we tried. Not bitter and twisted, but when NONE of the pub & hospitality trade charities would touch us, and hardly any pubs supported our campaign to help them, it’s no wonder we were dead in the water. Sadly, after 15 charity events, this is me saying goodbye to helping unfortunates, I’m suffering just as much, if not MORE than you – go fucking help yourselves for a change! That’s what I had to do when nobody was helping me out. Charity begins with realising you CAN actually get off your fat lazy arse are help yourself!

Merry, bloody Christmas!

Santa Cover NEW

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