What’s Wrong With This Equation…?

Picture the scene… It’s minus 2 degrees, and my homeless friend, Andy, is in need of something to warm him up. He wants a coffee, so I go to the Starbucks over the road. I wouldn’t ever be seen dead in one as I think they are a waste of space, but for him I go. It’s empty. I enter. I’m not wearing a gag. I order. I’m polite and chat with Keano the server. Unbeknownst (I love that word!) to me, an elderly couple enter the bar (…dangerously stand close to one another… lol) dressed like bandits. They had obviously ordered earlier, as they got served first. BUT… before they got their ESSENTIAL order, they HAD TO accost me and berate me for not wearing a mask! I got a full, FIVE-MINUTE-BLAST from both of them about how I was endangering THEIR lives…! I was too shocked to even speak…

I wish I’d been awake enough to say, “If you’re THAT scared, stay the FUCK HOME CUNTS!” Which, obviously, is where they should have been. BUT, coffee, unlike the pub and hospitality trade, IS an essential item… it would seem. And coffee drinkers and mindless, ignorant cunts, that care more about adhering to rules than taking care of what’s important, like looking after other human beings that are starving and freezing this year.

Boris, you’re a fucking cunt! And so are all you’re clowns. You’re killing more people than you’re saving, and you should be held up on terrorist charges!!!

PS – To the elderly couple that BROKE the law by going out for non-essential coffee… If I see you again, look out… 😉

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Equation…?

  1. Anthony ! You are the funniest of all people i have ever met ……get in touch with me immediately ! This is your 2nd mom and you know i mean it ! Does Jenny ring a bell with you ???


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