Chat and Spin Radio Looking For New Guests

Hi everyone! I had a great interview last night with Ron Clark on Chat And Spin Radio. If you missed it and want to have a list, scroll to the bottom of this post and click on their logo.

They are a not-for-profit Internet Radio Station based in the UK. They Broadcast to 750,000 UK & International Listeners per week 24/7. Their webiste is:

Currently they are looking for Book Authors, Writers, Artists, Illustrators, Bands & Singers and anyone who would like to come on the Radio Station over the Phone or by Skype / Facebook FREE PUBLICITY PROMOTION to get out to their Listeners. The 10 Minute Live interview will be on their Evening & Late Show which is Broadcasted 7 nights a week.

For more information, please email IAN JOHNSON on for more information.

chat and spin

Christmas Number One Here We Come!

Great to be on BBC Radio Solent with Pat Sissons yesterday for his Make A Difference segment.  He said, “…we’re gonna have to beat this one, I think.” Encouraging support and the first DJ (that we know of so far) to actually give our song some airplay. It was great to hear him say, “Tone Def Tony… Def as in cool!”

Definitely added to the new hero list. Hear the interview below:

Live Interview on BBC Radio Solent

I’m thrilled and excited – albeit very nervous! – to announce that I shall be interviewed live (gulp!) on BBC Radio Solent tomorrow at 12:45 by the very talented broadcaster, Pat Sissons. All thanks to Paul Davey, our guitarist, and all his hard work finding and emailing hundreds and hundreds of radio stations! Just goes to show hard work pays off in the end.

This is huge news for us, as we really are the underdogs in this journey to get exposure for our funny, little Christmas song. Thank you everybody for all your support! Click on the single cover image below to go to a link to (hopefully) listen in live tomorrow:

Santa Cover NEW

If you want to support, download, buy, stream whatever, go to this link:

“Last Christmas” by Tone Def Tony

The George Michael Christmas classic gets absolutely ruined by the ‘dulcet’ tones of Tone Def Tony! But then he has a very open message to all the fans and viewers about Christmas, his last Christmas, and his thoughts about THIS CHRISTMAS…


As Boris looks set to put us all back under house arrest once more, let’s look at the data behind his reasoning:

UK Population: 67.8 million

Total UK COVID Deaths: 46,717

Simple calculation gives us a mortality rate of ONLY 0.69%

A VERY DEADLY virus indeed! Far less dangerous than the Flu, Cancer, Heart-related disease, etc. So, does that mean the Government is going to protect us from these as well and funnel just as much of our taxpayer money into this?

It’s madness – the Lockdown MUST STOP NOW!!!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

What a year it’s been so far, but we’ve made it to the very witching hour once more! It’s great to see those pubs that have been allowed to stay open have managed to get in the ‘spooky’ mood to spread some joy during these really depressing times.

A big thank you to all the pubs that are downloading our Pub Poster to help promote our campaign to save our Great British Pubs. I think we’ve had over 50 downloads so far, so the momentum is building. We don’t really expect people to start getting behind our project properly until after Guy Fawke’s Night, as that’s when people start to get the Christmas bug, but it’s nice to have some early support.

If you’re getting into the Christmas spirit early, or simply want to hear the song that all the fuss is about, just click below:

Thank You Robert Woodhall

Robert Woodhall (2)There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! But I’m doing my best to catch up with all the thank yous that need to be said to all the people who have been integral in making this song project happen. We already thanked our Santa, but now it’s time to thank another great actor that stepped in very early on: Robert Woodhall (if you’ve seen the video, he’s the ‘crazy’ one in the chorus!)

Click on his photo to see more about him, some of you may even remember him for his appearance in the Netflix series AFTERLIFE.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you can see more about him via this link:

And, if you want to watch him in our music video, either click on the VIDEO tab above, or click here: MUSIC VIDEO.

Premiere Friday: The Boris Johnson Interview

After much badgering and pestering, Tone Def Tony finally managed to pin down Boris Johnson’s ‘people’ for a much-needed interview about what’s been going on this past year. Click on the box below to set a reminder for when it goes live THIS FRIDAY:

In the meantime, why not download or stream our Christmas song to help the pub & hospitality industries this year:

Happy Hallowe’en! It’s Scary Santa Poem Time!!!

It’s almost the witching hour of Hallowe’en, or Halloween as some of you might write it. The pubs are still in serious danger – not from ghosts, or ghouls, or witches, but from ridiculous, unfounded (i.e., not based on any scientific FACTS!) acts of stupidity from overpaid, under-worked bureaucrats that have probably never poured a pint in their lives before, let alone done a full days shift in a pub!

Our campaign to save the pubs with our silly Santa song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony is still gaining momentum – albeit very slowly! Thanks for all your help and support, here’s something a little different… a poem for Hallowe’en, but Christmas related… you be the judge!



Ho, ho, ho…!