Thank You Santa!

Good news kids! Santa Claus really does exist, and he’s starring in our music video! (WARNING: If you are underage, please close your ears to the one rude word that’s used!

Dave Albury
Photo by Polina Sulim

Spoiler alert: When our Santa isn’t being Santa, he’s really David Albury from Edinburgh (as pictured) Click on his photograph to see more details of his acting experience and contact information.

We were very fortunate that he approached us very early on in our search for a Santa for our music video and went above and beyond what we asked for! In fact he sent in so much footage some of the really great stuff got lost in my email box and wasn’t found until after I’d edited the video together, but we’ll try and use it in another video closer to Christmas time.

As you can imagine, trying to comply with all the ever-changing Covid-19 rules and regulations, making a music video is practically impossible, but would have been dead in the water had we not found our Santa.

Here’s a little bit more information about David, and I’m sure you’ll all agree he makes a damn fine Father Christmas!

Santa1Out of the Christmas Season, when David isn’t bringing festive cheer as Santa Claus, he is better known as ‘Dave the Quizmaster’, running pub quizzes in several pubs in Edinburgh. So, I think you’d agree considering our song is a good old-fashioned knees-up and helping the pub industry, he was the perfect choice for us!

He has numerous film credits, which you can see on his imdb profile: HERE and if you’d like to see him in action, you can check out his videos on YouTube: HERE

We’d also like to give special credit to his ‘little helpers’, namely Pilrig Productions, including Linda Buchan, Irene Inglis, and Claire Watson. A super-huge thank you to all of you from us for being an integral part of our journey, and supporting us in our campaign to raise much-needed support for our pubs in this time of crisis.

We’re On Facebook!

I know the teeny-boppers say Facebook is for Grandparents, but that’s our target audience (and I thought Tik-toc was what clocks do!) We’re doing our best to get everything organized before Saturday October 24th when we officially release our Christmas #1 contender, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, and it will then be available everywhere to stream, download, share, pester your DJ to play, etc.

We’re doing this to help bail out the pubs by giving away 50% of our royalties, so if you love silly music, love your local and want to keep them alive, please support our cause and join our new Facebook page by clicking on the image below:

Santa Cover NEW

NEW ‘A PUB Is For Life…” Poster

Thanks once again for all the amazing support our “A ‘PUB’ Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas!” campaign is getting, and the charity Christmas song, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony.

poster snapshot (2)We’ve had to change the cover art of our single at short notice, as the last image was too low resolution (bloody technology!) But we think you’ll agree our new artwork is much more Christmassy, flashy, bright, and funny, even though the picture here doesn’t do it justice!

To download a pdf of the poster, click on the link: Pub Poster

You don’t have to be a pub to download it, everybody can and put them up EVERYWHERE: your local, notice boards, shop windows, etc. 50% of all our download sales go to help support all our pubs that are being hammered by unfair, unjust, and unfounded regulations.

“If our pubs fail, Britain has failed!”

As always, a MASSIVE thank you to Simon Crack of Dead Cool Apps for giving us permission to use the artwork. Check him out at

Music Video Premiere Tonight 9pm

It may be a little early to start spreading the Christmas cheer, but most people I know just want this year to be over and put it behind us. These are unprecedented times we have all been thrown into and many long for days of old when life was ‘normal’. If you remember Monty Python, the Carry On films, Benny Hill, and the like, then we think you’ll truly love our Christmas song contender this year, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus”, a funny, light-hearted knees-up telling the story of what might happen if you went on a bit of a bender with Father Christmas!

A full week before our song is officially released, we’ve managed to do a ‘Blue Peter’ job on our music video, and you can watch it live here from 9pm tonight (October 16th)

Not a whiff of a sausage roll in sight! But lots of beer and booze, which is just as well, as we are hoping to do our bit and help the struggling pub trade weather the storm. By downloading our track and asking your favourite DJ to play it on air (they might have to beep out the naughty bits!) you’ll be helping us give away 50% of our royalties to help those that have been laid off, are struggling to stay open, have been forced to close, etc.

Where would we be without our pubs?

People seem to forget all the money pubs help raise for good causes, and it’s in the hundred million pound range! Now they need our help. Don’t forget our history… for hundred of years the great British pub has been a center of society, a meeting place, somewhere to conduct business, politicians met and drank there (that’s why there are so many bars in the House of Commons – oh, and they’re not shut!) it’s a place of laughter, music, culture… need I go on?

Do your bit to pitch in, forget about all your Covid-woes and have a quick time out and laugh at our comedic, slap-stick, old school music video.

Music Video Trailer: Save The Pubs!

Who knew making a music video for this year’s Christmas #1 would take so much work?! We’re having fun with it, but with a massive budget of ZERO POUNDS we’re making good progress. Fingers crossed the song will be available on October 24th, but in the meantime, here’s a quick peek at some footage of the first draft of our music video, which hopefully will go down as one of the funniest Christmas videos of all time…

Save the British Pubs…!

A ‘Pub’ Is For Life! Poster

To help spread the word far and wide about our Christmas Number One Song, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, we’ve created a poster to put up in your local pub, noticeboard, bus shelter, or anywhere else you’d like to help get the word out there!


To download a pdf file of the poster, click this link: Pub Poster

Many thanks for your continued support. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@ToneDefTony1) and like and comment on our videos on YouTube: Tone Def Tony TV

Rock on Christmas!

Tone Def Tony TV launched on YouTube

Yes, it’s true! Tone Def Tony now has his own YouTube TV channel to help promote the Christmas #1 contender, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus“. You can hear a teaser sample of the song before the official release date of October 24th, and over the coming weeks we’ll be adding more fun stuff to keep you up-to-date with everything that’s going on along the journey of getting this independently produced novelty Christmas song into the charts. Click on the track cover picture below to go to the channel.

Cover Art - I Got Pd With SC

Remember, by downloading a copy of our track you’ll be helping us to bail out the independent pub trade, as 50% of our royalties goes to help them out, and if you help us to get to the Christmas #1 slot we’ll double that and give it all away!!!

We’re Already In The Local Press…!!!

A very big ‘THANK YOU!’ to Sean McPolin from Kent Online for being the first journalist to pick up our amazing story to help bail out the pubs! It’s really exciting to already have a mention in the local media, and hopefully others will follow very soon as word spreads.

You can read the article here.

There’s still time to be part of our music video. Read this post. And we’d love to hear from any pubs and punters that want to help spread the word and make us this year’s Christmas Number One…!

You can hear a taster of our track by clicking the single cover below:

Single Cover

Track available everywhere from October 24th