CLARIFICATION: I’ve added this page, as we’ve come under fire from a handful of people about what they think is our stance on COVID-19, which is detracting from our fundamental aim of promoting our Christmas song and raising money to help people suffering in the pub & hospitality trade.

Firstly, the views expressed are mine and mine alone, and may not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of anybody else associated with this project. Secondly, I have NEVER stated that this virus does not exist, I have merely expressed my opinion based on FACTS I have researched that this virus is NOT as deadly as we have been forced to believe.

Looking at the FACTS, this virus is highly contagious, but no more contagious than the flu (R-number is the same or slightly lower!) It is also not as deadly as we have been made to believe. If it was you would expect the overall statistics for mortality to have increased significantly. They have not, in fact if you look at the official statistics, you will see there have been no excess deaths.

What I do strongly believe is that the Government’s actions, including the lock down and other restrictions they have enforced upon the nation, has actually caused more harm than good. In fact, I would go so far as to say their actions have directly contributed to more fatalities and ongoing dangers to our nation, including mental health, financial ruin, loss of livelihood, restriction of civil liberties, etc. Millions of people have been directly effected by these measures and continue to be effected.

I do believe we should protect the vulnerable and sick from this virus, as it would appear they are the only people in any real danger of dying from this virus (hardly anybody that is healthy has died or is at risk of dying!) I also believe the Government needs to lift ALL restrictions with immediate effect, and let the country get back to normal as soon as possible before irreparable damage is done to our economy, our ongoing health, and our civil liberties.