Expectations vs. Acceptance


2000px-Kickstarter-logo-k-color.svgWith just over two weeks to go, we are way off target to hit our crowdfunding goal, which is a real shame, as we’ve put an awful lot of effort into this project, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep our spirits and hopes up. For that reason I thought I’d write a short piece about hoping for the best, but being open to failure.


When we set our target of £1,000 we figured that between the three of us we must know at least 20 people each that would have a tenner spare, which would have put us at £600. Some we hoped would have pledged between £30 – £100, and then we’d make up the balance from either their acquaintances or new people that heard about it.


We had a huge cock-up using http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk who declined our fundraising platform because we used the word PISSED in our description, which wasn’t brought to our attention until the night before we were supposed to launch. Not only did this mean ALL of our preparation and promotion was wasted (and made us look really stupid!) it meant we rapidly had to find another platform to launch on, and it delayed everything. Thankfully www.kickstarter.com came to our rescue, and we were able to relaunch the following Monday.

BUT this now meant approaching ALL of our contacts with a new link, which the majority probably thought was either spam or a duplicate email, so they ignored it! In such a technological age where we are already highly desensitized to most promotional material we are constantly bombarded with, this most likely justifies the lack of interest in our project. Additionally many people have a lot less spare cash floating around, and Christmas IS just around the corner!


It has been a learning experience. We are doing our best to keep our hopes up, but we have to accept that we’re not going to hit our goal. This means we won’t have enough money to make our music video (or at least not the way we wanted to) and that means the promotion and reach of our Christmas song will be more like a soggy Yorkshire pudding rather than a red-hot sparkler!

It’s a real shame, as we have put months and months of effort into the song and the project as a whole, not to mention money. We just have to sit back, put our expectations in check, lick our wounds, and learn for the next time. What we have learned is:

“Success isn’t about NOT failing, it’s about how quickly

you can LEARN and REBOUND from failure!”

We still see the project as a success, in fact we believe it’s quite an accomplishment to build our own recording studio and release our own song. I mean, how many people just TALK of doing something like that? We ACTUALLY did it! Additionally there are big record companies out there that have really deep pockets and they have flops too. You don’t see them roll over and disappear, so we won’t either!

There IS still time, though, and we haven’t given up just yet, so if you do feel like lending a helping hand…


Weekend Recap – Silly Santa Song Project

Pumpkin340WELL, THE WEEKEND IS UPON US once more! Most people are gearing up for Hallowe’en, pumpkins, fireworks, and Guy Fawkes’ Night, but we are burning the candle at both ends to promote our song and Kickstarter project.


We thought it might be a good idea for those of you that are only just finding out about our upcoming Christmas hit I Got Pissed With Santa Claus, we’ give you some easy links to some earlier posts you may not have had a chance to read yet. Obviously you can use the menu tabs to read about the background and read the lyrics, but here are some links to topics that might be of interest, and a link to an early version of the song. Enjoy the weekend!

Listen to the early version of the song.

Building the recording studio.

About how it got written.

A peek inside the studio.

Some bad press!?

Well, that’s just a little taster. We’re trying to stay optimistic about our Kickstarter, but we’re not doing very well, sadly. Please keep helping us spread the word. Fingers crossed we’ll actually hit our target, but we are a long way off…!

Thank you! Until Next Time…


We Now Have A Facebook Page!

The wonders of old people and technology! With great frustration and A LOT of persistence, we’ve finally worked out how to get a Facebook Page. Click on the image of this happy chappy to go there…

Happy Finch

Can you guess who it is…? Add a comment below, if you know!

We still need your help with our Kickstarter, so please share and support if you can.


Many thanks as always!

Who Writes Christmas Songs In Summer?


In our series of continuing to share some tid-bits of trivia about Tone Def Tony, the band, and the folks behind I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, here’s a little insight into the man responsible for the crazy lyrics and how they got written.

for-web-copyright-vanessa-champion-07747-025361-83-of-130.jpgThe hottest summer since 1976 seems a really odd setting for writing a Christmas song, but Donnelly is actually old enough to remember that summer – and the brutally cold Winter that followed! For those that know Donnelly, although he’s not a fan of Christmas, he sings Christmas songs all year round. It’s annoying. It’s silly. But he does it anyway! He doesn’t do it to be an arse, he just really likes Christmas songs. A strange quirk, I guess.

Flashback in time for a minute… The turn of the millennium. Donnelly was living in the US of A and came up with some fun lyrics for a spoof World Cup Song (CHANT LIKE AN ENGLISH FAN) which he ended up producing with his late, old school mate, Richard Eyre, with mixed success. As they were developing the song, Richard happened to mention that Christmas songs were also a good avenue for ‘one hit wonders’. Back then no lyrics were forthcoming, but the seed was planted in Donnelly’s mind. How cool would it be to have his own Christmas song?

It took almost 18 years for that seed to germinate. Whilst promoting his old chestnut of a World Cup Song, sat in his garden sunbathing, guess what happened? Yep, that’s right, he got a cosmic download of the song lyrics! First it was just the first line of the chorus, as he mused about getting drunk with Santa Claus (as you do, right?) and then the whole lot just whooshed into his pea-brain! Not being very musical, he had to record it so he didn’t forget the tune.

At their monthly poker meet up, the song was shared with Finch and Davey, and the rest, as they say, is history…


Until Next Time!


Finch’s Folly – Learning the Software!


Who would spend two years building their own sound studio? We must be mad! If you haven’t read the story, you can read it here: Building The Studio – Part One. Building the studio was hard enough. Here it is finished:

Roof on

Well, almost. But that was really only half the battle! Now we had to wrap our heads around the hardware and software behind the studio!

It was originally only built so that Finch could give drum lessons, or at the very least drum in peace and quiet, without disturbing anyone else.

However, as Finch started to buy more kit, it started to morph into a recording studio…

Sound desk

Here’s his desk. Looks like the control panel for a Boeing 757…! But thank god this thing stays on the ground, as the early teething problems with the desk and the Logic Pro X software have been a minefield! If we had actually been flying a plane, we’d have killed more passengers than every plane-bomber to date!

Credit to Finch, he’s worked through it, and now knows what he’s doing! But it wasn’t always that way. We were in the studio a few times and belted out some cool sounds, but the hardware and software weren’t playing ball. Weeks went by working on the song, but not being able to actually record anything!!! Talk about fucking frustrating!

The hardest thing with digital, as opposed to analogue, is that one thing doesn’t just do ONE THING. If you pre-set something, then press the wrong buttons in the wrong order… Oh me, oh my…! To say this part of the project was annoying would be an understatement. BUT… we’ve got it all sorted now, and the track is getting laid down. Hoo-rah!

Keep reading and stay in touch for a sneak peek of the song as it progresses to being a massive top 10 hit this year…!


Until Next Time…!

A Glass And A Half Of Santa…!

IMG_1984 (2)
A beer and a half goes into every Tone Def Tony Christmas song!

I doubt we’ll get any Kickstarter funding from JC Decaux, but this was a photo opportunity not to be missed!

Forget about chocolate advertising for a minute… Just how many beers does it take for Tone Def Tony to write a cracking Christmas song…?

BTW: If you happen to work for JC Decaux and really WANT TO donate to our music video fund, we’d really appreciate the offer!

Crowdfunding is hard work! If you’ve never done it, try it. It’s as hard as producing a smash hit Christmas song! Well, we don’t know we’ve got that on our hands yet, we’re still dotting the semi-quavers and crossing the tweeters, but we’re hopeful some of our DJ friends will like what we’ve done with it enough to play it at some Christmas parties, and hopefully some of the others we know will plug it on the radio!

Over the years (since we’re all old farts!) we’ve learned that to be successful it takes PATIENCE, persistence, hard work, and most of all… Not caring if you make a complete tit of yourself!

OH, did we mention we’re still raising money for our music video?

You can help us out by promoting our Kickstarter here!

Christmas Starts Earlier And Earlier…!


IF WE KEEP ON at this rate, we’ll be celebrating Christmas in July! This is part of the reason for us producing our song, I GOT P**SED WITH SANTA CLAUS. The commercialization of Christmas just seems to start earlier and earlier! And, yes, we ARE trying to sell our song at Christmas time, but we’re trying to bring a bit of fun and comedy, and a sense of giving back to the season.

Snowy AllentownWe remember playing fun, family games, people getting together that haven’t seen each other for a while, drinking and eating far too much, and just having fun. Simple, innocent pleasures. It wasn’t about giving the biggest most expensive gift, it was about sharing and spending time with people you care about.

This is a picture of the last proper Winter I experienced in North America. I haven’t experienced a Christmas like that in the UK in years! BUT, the last time I did was 1976… the last time we had a Summer like the one we’ve just had…!

As you get sucked into the ‘propaganda’ of Christmas this year, we hope that our song is playing in the background somewhere that reminds people that there “WON’T BE NO PRESENTS ON CHRISTMAS DAY!” for many people at home and around the world. Don’t worry, we’re not going all ‘Band Aid’ on you, we’d just like to remind you to think about what you already have, and perhaps feel grateful that you have it.

However, if you feel like you have too much and would like to donate to our Kickstarter…


Until Next Time…!


Inside The Studio


Thanks, as ever, for all your continued support and encouragement as we get closer to launching our novelty Christmas song I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS by Tone Def Tony and the Ho-ho-hos. As a reward for keeping in touch, sharing, reposting, and all that other great social media stuff, we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into the studio earlier in the year when we’d finally sorted out the technical issues. Here we are listening to a playback of a very early version of the song (I think this was take two, so still not totally polished!)

Although the sound quality of the song isn’t crystal clear, you do get the benefit of hearing Finch, Davey, and Donnelly in the background discussing the structure and strategy of the song. Stay tuned for more posts and insights into our journey.

Please keep talking up our song, and do get in touch and say hi!




Until Next Time!

#FREE-SANTA Kickstarter Promotion


I have never launched my own crowdfunding campaign before, so it is very humbling to have had so much early support from friends and fans. THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH! I’m amazed that already we are almost 10% funded, that is amazing!

So, as a little thank you, I thought I’d share some more photos of the antics I got up to the other day in London as I promoted the kickstarter and searched for locations to shoot the music video…

Well, it looked like a green reindeer to me!

The very kind staff at www.loft-interiors.co.uk allowed me to test drive their green Rudolph! Well, it would have been quite a stretch to actually find a reindeer roaming around the streets of London, but wait and see what we have in store for the actual music video! Ho, ho, ho!

The ONLY way is up…!

It’s actually quite surprising that I DIDN’T actually get arrested in London, as I was more like a mischievous elf than an up-and-coming rockstar! But in true comedic rockstar fashion, I needed to stop for refreshments and check out a pub that we might be filming in…

“Ok, own up, who threw that…?!”

I have a good idea what the format of the music video will be like – obviously dependent upon how much we actually end up raising – and I’ll be sharing some of that in future blog posts. Until then, please keep spreading the word and supporting us, you are ALL amazing!


Crowdfunding Can Be Tricky!

I was up in London yesterday to give a big push to Day One of our crowdfunder and whip up some early support. Dressed in my finest clothes and my FREE-SANTA.COM hat, I took to the streets, but look what happened…

Arrested Tony

“Oi, Santa, you’re nicked!”

Thankfully, no I wasn’t arrested, these are just two kindly coppers who happened to be game for a laugh and pose for a press photo! They loved the song and the charity angle. Just goes to show, they do a tough job, but they still have a sense of fun! Thanks lads, you were great!

28 more days of crazy fundraising to go, please check out our kickstarter page, and if you can’t spare a quid, please just share it on your social media links. Many, many thanks!