Premiere Nov. 27th Reminder

Amidst 1000s of emails we have to send to help promote our charity song, I still manage to find the time to respond to fan’s requests, and those from overseas where English is NOT their first language, they have requested a Lyric Video (a sing-a-long version to you and I!) to help them learn and understand the song.

Click the link below to set a reminder to be amongst the first to listen along and read the funny (albeit slightly rude by prudish standards) lyrics to our charity Chirstmas song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony:

And don’t forget, it’s raising money for charity, so if you like it please buy it, stream it, share it, like it, toast it, add it to your morning coffee, have it as a chaser with your favourite beer, whatever!


Premiere Friday: The Boris Johnson Interview

After much badgering and pestering, Tone Def Tony finally managed to pin down Boris Johnson’s ‘people’ for a much-needed interview about what’s been going on this past year. Click on the box below to set a reminder for when it goes live THIS FRIDAY:

In the meantime, why not download or stream our Christmas song to help the pub & hospitality industries this year: https://tonedeftony.hearnow.com/