Official Music Video

Just in case you missed it, here’s our official music video for our Christmas song last year. We’re currently at 875 views and would love to make it to 1,000 – can you help? If you like it, please consider subscribing and sharing it around. We’ll be re-releasing the track for Christmas 2021… If you like it A LOT, you can download it from this link: https://tonedeftony.hearnow.com/ which will also give the link to play it on Spotify! Thanks for all your support 🙂

Alternative/ Funny Christmas Songs To Start December

For those of you on Spotify, I’ve made a special playlist of alternative and funny Christmas songs – it’s amazing how many there have been over the years! I’ll keep adding to the list as I find more, and please send me any of your suggestions…

If you want to help our charity campaign to help all the people in the pub and hospitality trades that are suffering this year, please consider buying our Christmas song:


Live Interview on BBC Radio Solent

I’m thrilled and excited – albeit very nervous! – to announce that I shall be interviewed live (gulp!) on BBC Radio Solent tomorrow at 12:45 by the very talented broadcaster, Pat Sissons. All thanks to Paul Davey, our guitarist, and all his hard work finding and emailing hundreds and hundreds of radio stations! Just goes to show hard work pays off in the end.

This is huge news for us, as we really are the underdogs in this journey to get exposure for our funny, little Christmas song. Thank you everybody for all your support! Click on the single cover image below to go to a link to (hopefully) listen in live tomorrow:

Santa Cover NEW

If you want to support, download, buy, stream whatever, go to this link: https://tonedeftony.hearnow.com/

“Last Christmas” by Tone Def Tony

The George Michael Christmas classic gets absolutely ruined by the ‘dulcet’ tones of Tone Def Tony! But then he has a very open message to all the fans and viewers about Christmas, his last Christmas, and his thoughts about THIS CHRISTMAS…


Thank You Robert Woodhall

Robert Woodhall (2)There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! But I’m doing my best to catch up with all the thank yous that need to be said to all the people who have been integral in making this song project happen. We already thanked our Santa, but now it’s time to thank another great actor that stepped in very early on: Robert Woodhall (if you’ve seen the video, he’s the ‘crazy’ one in the chorus!)

Click on his photo to see more about him, some of you may even remember him for his appearance in the Netflix series AFTERLIFE.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you can see more about him via this link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-woodhall-220753124/

And, if you want to watch him in our music video, either click on the VIDEO tab above, or click here: MUSIC VIDEO.

Happy Hallowe’en! It’s Scary Santa Poem Time!!!

It’s almost the witching hour of Hallowe’en, or Halloween as some of you might write it. The pubs are still in serious danger – not from ghosts, or ghouls, or witches, but from ridiculous, unfounded (i.e., not based on any scientific FACTS!) acts of stupidity from overpaid, under-worked bureaucrats that have probably never poured a pint in their lives before, let alone done a full days shift in a pub!

Our campaign to save the pubs with our silly Santa song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony is still gaining momentum – albeit very slowly! Thanks for all your help and support, here’s something a little different… a poem for Hallowe’en, but Christmas related… you be the judge!



Ho, ho, ho…!

We’re On Facebook!

I know the teeny-boppers say Facebook is for Grandparents, but that’s our target audience (and I thought Tik-toc was what clocks do!) We’re doing our best to get everything organized before Saturday October 24th when we officially release our Christmas #1 contender, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, and it will then be available everywhere to stream, download, share, pester your DJ to play, etc.

We’re doing this to help bail out the pubs by giving away 50% of our royalties, so if you love silly music, love your local and want to keep them alive, please support our cause and join our new Facebook page by clicking on the image below:

Santa Cover NEW

Want To Be In Our Music Video?

EDIT/ UPDATE: We’ve now completed our music video, but if you’d still like to submit some clips, please send them along, as we’re working on a ‘director’s cut’ to release closer to Christmas.

Have you ever wanted to appear in a major music video? Well, here’s your big chance!


Single Cover
Click to listen!

Do you love karaoke? Do you love Christmas? Want a comedic break from all this COVID-lock-down-BS? Keep reading…

We’re looking for unique and interesting people to participate remotely to help create a music video to go along with our novelty Christmas song, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus”, we’ve created to raise money for the struggling pub and hospitality industry. This is a no-pay opportunity, but if you’re game for a laugh, and want to be featured (and of course mentioned!) in our music video, please drop us a line.

We’ll send everybody who’s interested an MP3 (please respect our copyright and don’t share!) of the song in advance of the release so you’ll hear it before anyone else and (obviously) you’ll have it to sing along to. We’ll then splice all the bits and pieces together to create what we hope will be a really funny video and offer up some comic relief for what could possibly go down as the worst Christmas in history, especially if Boris decides to cancel it and keep us all caged up again! Many thanks for your interest.

Ideas of what we’re after:

  • Dress up in your best Christmas get-up!
  • Some sad kids with no presents under the tree…?
  • Any real Santas out there?
  • Pub scenes!!!
  • You get the idea, be creative…!

We’ll pick the best ones and let you know you’ve been selected.


Video Instructions

Merry bloody Christmas!

“I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus” – release date announced

The wait is finally over! Tone Def Tony and the team are happy to announce that their debut Christmas hit “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus” will be released on 24th October 2020, available to stream and download everywhere!

Cover Art - I Got Pd With SC

Click on the image above to hear a sample of the track.

ARTWORK: Courtesy of Simon Crack, Dead Cool Apps www.deadcoolapps.com