Charity Rejections! You Just Can’t Give Money Away.

Santa Cover NEWWe’re probably not going to do ourselves any favours here by posting this, but I just wanted to highlight the extreme challenge for anybody else trying to undertake a similar charitable endeavour.

As if it wasn’t time consuming and hard enough to go through all the steps and hurdles to create, compose, master, release, register, distribute, and promote an original song – not to mention the personal financial outlay involved – trying to find a charity to partner with has proven just as time consuming, and even more frustrating.

For over two months now we have been trying to find a charity involved with the pub and hospitality industry (which is crying out for help!) to partner with. I think we’ve contacted every single one that we could find via the internet, and have yet to find one willing to work with us! Even though it’s tempting, I won’t embarrass the organisations that have already turned us down for various reasons (including the use of a very mild swear word in our song, all the way up to disagreeing that COVID-19 is like the Flu! To name just a few daft excuses!)

They are all very happy to accept our donation once we’ve done all the hard work, but none want to be associated with us. What does that say about their organisations? To me, it puts them in exactly the same league as our incompetent government that is more than happy to spend our taxpayer money on whims and whimsy, but aren’t prepared to put their own oars in the water and paddle! Likewise the uptake by the hospitality industry in general has been lacking. At this rate, I’m more inclined to give any money we actually will raise to race-nondescript, trans-gender, vegan, teetotaler, car-hating, eco-friendly, tofu-terrorists that look like cute kittens!

Just saying… it’s frustrating.

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Breaking News: We Finally Did It…!

After two very long years, we have finally managed to get all our ‘pints’ in a row and release our novelty Christmas song, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony. And what a year to release it! Who knew back in 2018 that two years later we would all be in the middle of the most f****d-up year of our lives? I don’t think anybody has come out unscathed from this catastrophe, least of all the pub and hospitality trade who we’re trying to help out by raising money from the proceeds of our single.

It is now available to buy, download, stream, pester your DJ to play, etc.


We know it’s going to be an uphill sleigh ride trying to get to this year’s number one slot – especially as we’re going up against a mountain of celebrity, millionaire musicians who’ve all decided to release Christmas music this year! We also know that most people won’t have any extra money this Christmas, but you can support us in many other ways:

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyNStp1QMwc

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Tell everybody you know about our campaign to save the pubs and our song! Stream it on Spotify and ask your favourite DJ to play it on the radio.


Santa Cover NEW

Cover artwork courtesy of Simon Crack, Dead Cool Apps: www.deadcoolapps.com

A ‘Pub’ Is For Life! Poster

To help spread the word far and wide about our Christmas Number One Song, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony, we’ve created a poster to put up in your local pub, noticeboard, bus shelter, or anywhere else you’d like to help get the word out there!


To download a pdf file of the poster, click this link: Pub Poster

Many thanks for your continued support. Remember to follow us on Twitter (@ToneDefTony1) and like and comment on our videos on YouTube: Tone Def Tony TV

Rock on Christmas!

Tone Def Tony TV launched on YouTube

Yes, it’s true! Tone Def Tony now has his own YouTube TV channel to help promote the Christmas #1 contender, “I Got P*$$ed With Santa Claus“. You can hear a teaser sample of the song before the official release date of October 24th, and over the coming weeks we’ll be adding more fun stuff to keep you up-to-date with everything that’s going on along the journey of getting this independently produced novelty Christmas song into the charts. Click on the track cover picture below to go to the channel.

Cover Art - I Got Pd With SC

Remember, by downloading a copy of our track you’ll be helping us to bail out the independent pub trade, as 50% of our royalties goes to help them out, and if you help us to get to the Christmas #1 slot we’ll double that and give it all away!!!