Who Will Be The First DJ To Play Our Song?


In the run-up to the official release date (November 26th) of our killer Christmas hit song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we got to wondering which DJ will be the first to play it ? We doubt any BBC DJ will be brave enough to play our slightly politically incorrect song on air, but you never know! Early tests on unsuspecting members of the public have shown that it’s catchy and annoying enough to stick in your head!

Chris Evans
The ‘Radio Rebel’ Chris Evans

Our money is on Chris Evans to be the ground-breaker, though. The ‘rebel of radio’ is known for not listening to the boring nah-sayers and doing his own thing. But the big question is, will he like it enough to play it on air? Music is a funny thing. Something that one person loves, another person hates. Perhaps the ‘Carrot-top of chat’ isn’t a fan of Christmas? Could he be a ginger-Grinch? Only time will tell.

Either way, we are happy to have our song ready for release and look forward to putting you all out of your misery. The launch date is only days away now!

Thanks, as ever, for all your continued support and encouragement. We could not have made this happen without all of your help.


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Who Writes Christmas Songs In Summer?


In our series of continuing to share some tid-bits of trivia about Tone Def Tony, the band, and the folks behind I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, here’s a little insight into the man responsible for the crazy lyrics and how they got written.

for-web-copyright-vanessa-champion-07747-025361-83-of-130.jpgThe hottest summer since 1976 seems a really odd setting for writing a Christmas song, but Donnelly is actually old enough to remember that summer – and the brutally cold Winter that followed! For those that know Donnelly, although he’s not a fan of Christmas, he sings Christmas songs all year round. It’s annoying. It’s silly. But he does it anyway! He doesn’t do it to be an arse, he just really likes Christmas songs. A strange quirk, I guess.

Flashback in time for a minute… The turn of the millennium. Donnelly was living in the US of A and came up with some fun lyrics for a spoof World Cup Song (CHANT LIKE AN ENGLISH FAN) which he ended up producing with his late, old school mate, Richard Eyre, with mixed success. As they were developing the song, Richard happened to mention that Christmas songs were also a good avenue for ‘one hit wonders’. Back then no lyrics were forthcoming, but the seed was planted in Donnelly’s mind. How cool would it be to have his own Christmas song?

It took almost 18 years for that seed to germinate. Whilst promoting his old chestnut of a World Cup Song, sat in his garden sunbathing, guess what happened? Yep, that’s right, he got a cosmic download of the song lyrics! First it was just the first line of the chorus, as he mused about getting drunk with Santa Claus (as you do, right?) and then the whole lot just whooshed into his pea-brain! Not being very musical, he had to record it so he didn’t forget the tune.

At their monthly poker meet up, the song was shared with Finch and Davey, and the rest, as they say, is history…


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Finch’s Folly – Learning the Software!


Who would spend two years building their own sound studio? We must be mad! If you haven’t read the story, you can read it here: Building The Studio – Part One. Building the studio was hard enough. Here it is finished:

Roof on

Well, almost. But that was really only half the battle! Now we had to wrap our heads around the hardware and software behind the studio!

It was originally only built so that Finch could give drum lessons, or at the very least drum in peace and quiet, without disturbing anyone else.

However, as Finch started to buy more kit, it started to morph into a recording studio…

Sound desk

Here’s his desk. Looks like the control panel for a Boeing 757…! But thank god this thing stays on the ground, as the early teething problems with the desk and the Logic Pro X software have been a minefield! If we had actually been flying a plane, we’d have killed more passengers than every plane-bomber to date!

Credit to Finch, he’s worked through it, and now knows what he’s doing! But it wasn’t always that way. We were in the studio a few times and belted out some cool sounds, but the hardware and software weren’t playing ball. Weeks went by working on the song, but not being able to actually record anything!!! Talk about fucking frustrating!

The hardest thing with digital, as opposed to analogue, is that one thing doesn’t just do ONE THING. If you pre-set something, then press the wrong buttons in the wrong order… Oh me, oh my…! To say this part of the project was annoying would be an understatement. BUT… we’ve got it all sorted now, and the track is getting laid down. Hoo-rah!

Keep reading and stay in touch for a sneak peek of the song as it progresses to being a massive top 10 hit this year…!


Until Next Time…!

Davey On Guitar

Here’s another sneak peek inside the studio of Finch, Davey, & Donnelly Enterprises. This time it’s Davey on acoustic guitar strumming out some very early chords for the smash hit song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS.

It’s only short, but right at the end you’ll get a rare peek at Finch, the studio master!

Almost time to start crowdfunding ready to shoot the music video. Please support us, if you can by clicking on the link below and spreading the word:

Crowdfunding Link Click Here

The song is coming together nicely, and we can’t wait to share the finished article with you in November. Thanks for all the continued support.

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Drunk Santa Claus…?

Every now and again, as we get closer to the official launch date of our silly, smash-hit  Santa song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we’ll be posting little side notes about our journey to producing the song, Finch getting to grips with the Logic Pro X software and the studio hardware, things relating to Christmas, and other things related to the progress of our project. These are just some musings that came into our minds… We hope you enjoy!

Drunk SantaAs three, warm-blooded, middle-aged males, we have been known to like a drink or two (or three… or four… or… you get the point!) Even when there’s no particular reason to celebrate – it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy some ‘cheer’! It’s quite possible that’s where the original idea for the song lyrics came from, but that has long since been buried in Tony Def Tony’s intoxicated (pickled?) grey cells.

But think about Santa and the song for a few… even though he gets arrested and nobody gets any presents, we’re actually doing Santa a HUGE favour by taking him out on a pub crawl and getting him pissed (see the lyrics here, if you don’t already know the story!) I mean, let’s face it, to us adults – and more astute children – Santa’s not really got a very good rap, has he? Not really the sort of role model one would expect to have lasted so long:

  • He only works one day a year (who knows what he’s up to for the other 364 days!)
  • On that one day he abuses animals, making his reindeer fly thousands of miles at often times dangerously high altitudes – and speeds – with no food or rest (the animal rights mob should be up in arms over that one!)
  • Also on that day (or night) he quaffs copious amounts of sherry and the like! We’re not saying he should join AA, but THAT’S some serious binge drinking don’t you think?
  • Not to mention he breaks into people’s homes! What’s up with that?
  • If THAT wasn’t enough, he employs elves to make toys and presents all year long (sounds like some kind of sweat shop to me!)

BUT, he does bring presents, so I guess that’s okay. Or is it? Perhaps we shouldn’t be so easily fooled. It’s okay for politicians to think we are easily duped into believing their ploys, but Santa…? Let’s at least ask a few obvious questions we might ask the likes of Trump and May if they were in his shoes:

  • Where does he get his money from to pay for all this?
  • Does he have significant financial backers that expect special favour from him?
  • Is the North Pole a Santa tax haven?
  • Maybe it’s not JUST a tax haven for Santa? Could he be the original snowy hedge fund?
  • Perhaps he’s involved in money laundering?

All good points worth thinking about, but make sure you have a full glass when you do so. Thanks for reading. Thanks for all your support. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the song (it’s really starting to come together and sounds pretty cool) We’ll share some sneak clips from the studio in the next blog…

Until Next Time…!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even though we originally thought this artwork was ‘public domain’ it actually belongs to Simon Crack of www.deadcoolapps.com who create some really amazing app based games you should check out! They have very kindly given us permission to use it as we think it’s really cool.