Who Will Be The First DJ To Play Our Song?


In the run-up to the official release date (November 26th) of our killer Christmas hit song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we got to wondering which DJ will be the first to play it ? We doubt any BBC DJ will be brave enough to play our slightly politically incorrect song on air, but you never know! Early tests on unsuspecting members of the public have shown that it’s catchy and annoying enough to stick in your head!

Chris Evans
The ‘Radio Rebel’ Chris Evans

Our money is on Chris Evans to be the ground-breaker, though. The ‘rebel of radio’ is known for not listening to the boring nah-sayers and doing his own thing. But the big question is, will he like it enough to play it on air? Music is a funny thing. Something that one person loves, another person hates. Perhaps the ‘Carrot-top of chat’ isn’t a fan of Christmas? Could he be a ginger-Grinch? Only time will tell.

Either way, we are happy to have our song ready for release and look forward to putting you all out of your misery. The launch date is only days away now!

Thanks, as ever, for all your continued support and encouragement. We could not have made this happen without all of your help.


Until Next Time!

Finch’s Folly – Learning the Software!


Who would spend two years building their own sound studio? We must be mad! If you haven’t read the story, you can read it here: Building The Studio – Part One. Building the studio was hard enough. Here it is finished:

Roof on

Well, almost. But that was really only half the battle! Now we had to wrap our heads around the hardware and software behind the studio!

It was originally only built so that Finch could give drum lessons, or at the very least drum in peace and quiet, without disturbing anyone else.

However, as Finch started to buy more kit, it started to morph into a recording studio…

Sound desk

Here’s his desk. Looks like the control panel for a Boeing 757…! But thank god this thing stays on the ground, as the early teething problems with the desk and the Logic Pro X software have been a minefield! If we had actually been flying a plane, we’d have killed more passengers than every plane-bomber to date!

Credit to Finch, he’s worked through it, and now knows what he’s doing! But it wasn’t always that way. We were in the studio a few times and belted out some cool sounds, but the hardware and software weren’t playing ball. Weeks went by working on the song, but not being able to actually record anything!!! Talk about fucking frustrating!

The hardest thing with digital, as opposed to analogue, is that one thing doesn’t just do ONE THING. If you pre-set something, then press the wrong buttons in the wrong order… Oh me, oh my…! To say this part of the project was annoying would be an understatement. BUT… we’ve got it all sorted now, and the track is getting laid down. Hoo-rah!

Keep reading and stay in touch for a sneak peek of the song as it progresses to being a massive top 10 hit this year…!


Until Next Time…!

Davey On Guitar

Here’s another sneak peek inside the studio of Finch, Davey, & Donnelly Enterprises. This time it’s Davey on acoustic guitar strumming out some very early chords for the smash hit song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS.

It’s only short, but right at the end you’ll get a rare peek at Finch, the studio master!

Almost time to start crowdfunding ready to shoot the music video. Please support us, if you can by clicking on the link below and spreading the word:

Crowdfunding Link Click Here

The song is coming together nicely, and we can’t wait to share the finished article with you in November. Thanks for all the continued support.

Until Next Time!

#free-santa.com: Not Everyone Wants To Go #Viral…!

A bit of a f**k-up last time around! (I got a severe ticking off for THAT one! Far too many beers… hic!)

It’s too early for this to go viral, besides, nobody has ever read this blog, so we don’t have to worry about that! BUT on the point of f**k-ups, is Joe Public too dumb to know the “**” represents a “U” and a “C”… So, it’s really FUCKED-UP and PISSED in our song, but the BBC might not find that okay!

So… we’re trying to think of funny sounds to cover the rude words up, and we’d like your help deciding:

  1. Just use a pause, i.e., silence
  2. A Christmas party tooty-thingy
  3. A very big belch/ burp!
  4. Use “drunk” instead?
  5. A fart!
  6. All of the above

So, what do YOU think? You’re our target audience, if you’re reading this. So why not give us your opinion…


PS – Don’t forget our fundraiser is coming very soon. If I can stay sober enough, it will probably launch on Monday! Please help to share the word far and wide…



“Laughter for Life” Charity Idea

Laughter for life logo
A mock-up of the “Laughter for Life” logo.

As part of our song project I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, and because it is for Christmas, the time for giving, we are hoping to use a goodly chunk of any money raised from selling and promoting the song to help fund a charitable project we devised: Laughter for Life.

All three members of FINCH, DAVEY, AND DONNELLY ENTERPRISES agreed very early on that they wanted a strong charitable giving element to the song project from the start.

“Laughter IS The BEST Medicine!”

Building upon the adage above, most hospital wards are drab, dreary, ‘unfunny’ places full of stressed out, over-worked medical staff, and sad, sick people and their relatives. Tone Def Tony (aka Donnelly) a ‘struggling’ stand-up comedian for many years, had long since wanted to get other comedians into hospital wards and especially hospices to cheer up the patients and staff. But that seemed like merely a pipe-dream with all the effort it would take and no funds, so they decided to go down a more traditional route and contact established charities.

Earlier this year, the team had approached Great Ormond Street Hospital and Dr Barnados with their fundraising song idea, but both organizations replied stating that they did not want to be publicly associated with the project, and we could not use them in any promotional material or marketing, BUT THEY’D BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO RECEIVE ANY DONATIONS!

That’s when the three turned back to Tony’s old idea. Hence ‘Laughter for Life’ was born! Well, at least the first seeds have been sown… well, they have a rough idea for the charity logo (as can be seen above!) Admittedly, they are not artists and not very good with PhotoShop, so it looks more like a fag dangling out of Tragedy’s mouth rather than a thermometer, but it gives you an idea. We’d love an actual graphic artist to create a better, more professional looking logo, so if there’s anyone out there… Please get in touch!

Who knows how successful our song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, will be. We may not raise any money at all, but at least we are trying! In the meantime, if you are a healthcare professional that would like some comedy in your ward, or a comedian (at whatever level) that would like to cheer up some sick and dying folk, please use our contact form to get in touch.

As always, many, many thanks for all your continued support. Keep reposting and sharing about our song and this great charity project.

Until Next Time…!