Music Video Premiere Tonight 9pm

It may be a little early to start spreading the Christmas cheer, but most people I know just want this year to be over and put it behind us. These are unprecedented times we have all been thrown into and many long for days of old when life was ‘normal’. If you remember Monty Python, the Carry On films, Benny Hill, and the like, then we think you’ll truly love our Christmas song contender this year, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus”, a funny, light-hearted knees-up telling the story of what might happen if you went on a bit of a bender with Father Christmas!

A full week before our song is officially released, we’ve managed to do a ‘Blue Peter’ job on our music video, and you can watch it live here from 9pm tonight (October 16th)

Not a whiff of a sausage roll in sight! But lots of beer and booze, which is just as well, as we are hoping to do our bit and help the struggling pub trade weather the storm. By downloading our track and asking your favourite DJ to play it on air (they might have to beep out the naughty bits!) you’ll be helping us give away 50% of our royalties to help those that have been laid off, are struggling to stay open, have been forced to close, etc.

Where would we be without our pubs?

People seem to forget all the money pubs help raise for good causes, and it’s in the hundred million pound range! Now they need our help. Don’t forget our history… for hundred of years the great British pub has been a center of society, a meeting place, somewhere to conduct business, politicians met and drank there (that’s why there are so many bars in the House of Commons – oh, and they’re not shut!) it’s a place of laughter, music, culture… need I go on?

Do your bit to pitch in, forget about all your Covid-woes and have a quick time out and laugh at our comedic, slap-stick, old school music video.

Christmas 2019 Has Started Early!

Song CoverBelated Happy New Year to you all!

We trust your 2019 has started as well as ours has, and we wish all of you all the very best for the upcoming year. We’re excited, as we’re jumping right back into the studio and picking up where we left off last year to put the icing on the cake of our Santa Song…!

Having experienced the equivalent vertical learning curve as the Apollo 15 Space Mission last year, we are determined this time around to learn from our mistakes and get a proper head-start on things! We are, after all, taking on the likes of the big, multi-million pound music companies to compete for a No. 1 spot in the Christmas Top 40.


You bet ya! But if you don’t shoot for the stars, you’ll never get out the toilet! We’ve licked our wounds, drunk a lot more beer, pooled our brain cells, and we’re now ready to get back in the studio this Saturday to put down the polish to go with the puke and spit from the holiday season!

If you go to the SONG tab on this website you can hear a rough cut of the song as it currently stands, and if you like it, please follow us, like us, share us, and get on board nice and early this year for what will be an amazing trip into Christmas music history…!

We thank you for your continued support, and we’ll keep you updated as much as possible throughout the year…


Christmas Is Cancelled

Besieged by more delays than British Rail, technical issues, unreliable session musicians, and a general lack of interest and support for the song, it looks like our five month journey is nearing an end for this year.

Tony Climax

Soldiering away as always, Tony was out and about in London trying to drum up support for our Kickstarter, but with under two days to go and only 13% of the project funded, we have decided to shelve the video idea.

We would dearly love to thank the five people that have backed our project, but you’ll be glad to hear that because we went for an all-or-nothing package, you won’t be debited any funds.

With only 13 days until our proposed official release date to go, the reality is starting to set in that this will probably not be our Christmas to release the song.

We have to say it’s a very big blow. Perhaps we bit off more than we could chew. However, as we still don’t have a finished track, and we should really be in the studio mastering it, it really looks like Christmas is cancelled this year!

It’s time to lick our wounds, crack open some booze, sit back and look at what we did wrong and could have done better. Personally, it’s totally knocked the wind out of my sails. I thought I had enough strength and energy to go the distance, but one thing after another has just battered me down, and to be honest, my heart just isn’t in it. I always said to the lads from the beginning, we’ll run with this as far as we can as long as it remains FUN… well, the fun stopped a few days ago.

Thank you for all your support. Just a heads-up, we’ll be off air for the rest of the year…

RiP Santa xx


my_first_goalsettin_cover_for_kindleAnthony James Donnelly is an author, motivational and business coach, and life guide. He has spent over 20 years working directly with individuals and corporations to adjust their perspectives on life. In his last book, “My First Goal-Setting Book: How To Effectively Set & Achieve Your Life Goals”, he concisely explains how to get whatever you want out of life. A great accompaniment to “WHY DO i CARE?”



Drunk Santa Claus…?

Every now and again, as we get closer to the official launch date of our silly, smash-hit  Santa song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we’ll be posting little side notes about our journey to producing the song, Finch getting to grips with the Logic Pro X software and the studio hardware, things relating to Christmas, and other things related to the progress of our project. These are just some musings that came into our minds… We hope you enjoy!

Drunk SantaAs three, warm-blooded, middle-aged males, we have been known to like a drink or two (or three… or four… or… you get the point!) Even when there’s no particular reason to celebrate – it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy some ‘cheer’! It’s quite possible that’s where the original idea for the song lyrics came from, but that has long since been buried in Tony Def Tony’s intoxicated (pickled?) grey cells.

But think about Santa and the song for a few… even though he gets arrested and nobody gets any presents, we’re actually doing Santa a HUGE favour by taking him out on a pub crawl and getting him pissed (see the lyrics here, if you don’t already know the story!) I mean, let’s face it, to us adults – and more astute children – Santa’s not really got a very good rap, has he? Not really the sort of role model one would expect to have lasted so long:

  • He only works one day a year (who knows what he’s up to for the other 364 days!)
  • On that one day he abuses animals, making his reindeer fly thousands of miles at often times dangerously high altitudes – and speeds – with no food or rest (the animal rights mob should be up in arms over that one!)
  • Also on that day (or night) he quaffs copious amounts of sherry and the like! We’re not saying he should join AA, but THAT’S some serious binge drinking don’t you think?
  • Not to mention he breaks into people’s homes! What’s up with that?
  • If THAT wasn’t enough, he employs elves to make toys and presents all year long (sounds like some kind of sweat shop to me!)

BUT, he does bring presents, so I guess that’s okay. Or is it? Perhaps we shouldn’t be so easily fooled. It’s okay for politicians to think we are easily duped into believing their ploys, but Santa…? Let’s at least ask a few obvious questions we might ask the likes of Trump and May if they were in his shoes:

  • Where does he get his money from to pay for all this?
  • Does he have significant financial backers that expect special favour from him?
  • Is the North Pole a Santa tax haven?
  • Maybe it’s not JUST a tax haven for Santa? Could he be the original snowy hedge fund?
  • Perhaps he’s involved in money laundering?

All good points worth thinking about, but make sure you have a full glass when you do so. Thanks for reading. Thanks for all your support. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the song (it’s really starting to come together and sounds pretty cool) We’ll share some sneak clips from the studio in the next blog…

Until Next Time…!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even though we originally thought this artwork was ‘public domain’ it actually belongs to Simon Crack of who create some really amazing app based games you should check out! They have very kindly given us permission to use it as we think it’s really cool.