Davey On Guitar

Here’s another sneak peek inside the studio of Finch, Davey, & Donnelly Enterprises. This time it’s Davey on acoustic guitar strumming out some very early chords for the smash hit song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS.

It’s only short, but right at the end you’ll get a rare peek at Finch, the studio master!

Almost time to start crowdfunding ready to shoot the music video. Please support us, if you can by clicking on the link below and spreading the word:

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The song is coming together nicely, and we can’t wait to share the finished article with you in November. Thanks for all the continued support.

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#Crowdfunding: Here Comes The #Music #Video!!!

<Insert suitable picture here>  Aside from Governments, I don’t think anybody likes having to ask for money, BUT… we’re making a music video to accompany our song, as no-one wants to just hear a song these days, they want to SEE it! So, in true creative fashion (even though we could have crowd-funded the building of the studio – if we’d been smart enough! – we didn’t) so we decided THIS TIME to ask for YOUR help in raising a few ‘bob’ to help produce our music video…

3… 2… 1…

<Insert the video of Tony doing his Bob Geldhoff impression here!>

<I’ve got so much to do, I’ll fill this bit in later>

A really sneaky, sneaky sneak peek at how the song is forming up… (Uh-o, Finch and Davey are gonna kill me for releasing this!)

F**k ’em, eh?


The final venison tastes a lot less ‘gamey’…! <Is there a picture of a ‘cooked’ reindeer…?>

Our crowd-funder is coming soon…




Would “Chas & Dave” Like It…?

chas &amp; DaveIn the light of sharing, I had to post this… an old school buddy of mine (that obviously holds me in much higher regard than I hold myself!) was kind enough to share this… BUT he makes a good point… WOULD Chas & Dave approve…?

Personally, I think they would approve, but I’ll let YOU be the judge… you can hear the song (well, a rough studio version) at the end of this post…

<sure enough, ‘ere comes trouble…>

Like a good teenager, I’ve highlighted the words I heard…

“This is a totally outrageous project that’s kind of ‘okay’ and reasonably funny but does not present you in your very best light. I want to see you in EastEnders, mate, not a downmarket novelty Christmas video. Don’t waste your time. The good thing is that you have regressed back to your teens with this project. And some of the language has regressed too. Can one still say “‘er indoors” nowadays? The last time I heard that phrase was on Minder circa 1989!

“Out of principle, I won’t support such frivolity at a time when I have two daughters to put through university but I will certainly take you for a pizza at <BEEP!> and you can tell me about the more serious projects that you’re going to tackle in the New Year. This one is just too self-indulgent and esoteric. Successful Christmas songs are promoted through the “yoof” but this one’s full of expletives and reveals Santa Claus as an incurable alcoholic who regularly gets into pub brawls and ends up in jail. It really ain’t gonna go down ‘wiv da yoof’. Who do you envisage as the ‘target audience’? Even the late, great Chas with his fine mate Dave stopped doing this sort of material about 20 years ago.”


All I heard was… parents (of MY age) will LOVE this song!!! AND kids will too…! It’s like that Haribo-song… time will tell…!

Have a listen, and tell us what YOU think…


Until Next Time…!


“…As Musical As A Squashed Slug!”

As promised, as we race towards our official release date of our smash hit Christmas song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we’re sharing some fun trivia about the project, the people involved, and the band. In this blog post, we thought it would be fun to find out a little more about the man behind the phenomenon that is TONE DEF TONY…

copyright vanessa champion 07747 025 361The most ‘un-musical’ member of the trio that makes up Finch, Davey, & Donnelly Enterprises is the latter. Bless him for trying, but in the words of his late musical production partner, Richard Eyre (who co-produced the World Cup song, CHANT LIKE AN ENGLISH FAN by The Laddz), “Donnelly is about as musical as a squashed slug!” He meant it as well!

Although a great ‘ideas man’ and ‘conceptionist’, musical ability has seemed to allude Donnelly for most of his life, but not for lack of trying. Over his lifetime he has attempted to learn to play:

  • recorder
  • violin
  • trumpet
  • guitar (bass, acoustic, and electric!)
  • harmonica
  • penny whistle
  • tambourine
  • tuba
  • cornet
  • piano/ keyboards
  • and drums

No small list! But is it possible to be so musically inept? Evidently so. However, even though he’ll never be going back to drum lessons – especially not with drum master Finch, who now refuses to teach him, as he just won’t listen and take instruction! – he is making seemingly good progress playing keyboards (well, he can play scales!)

So, I hear you all ask, with such lack of musical talent, how in Ruldolph’s whiskers has Donnelly ended up the front man for their debut song??? Well, in the absence of either Finch or Davey wanting any of the limelight (and Donnelly being an ever attention-seeker) he caught the sticky end of the musical baton! Thank goodness there is part of his brain that isn’t too pickled, and he came up with the idea of turning his lack of musical ability into their USP (Unique Singing Point) and the character of Tone Def Tony was born.

I think we all know a person like Tone Def Tony. He’s that bloke that loves to sing, but doesn’t know he can’t! He’ll jump on the karaoke machine at the first chance and belt out a song waaaaaay out of his octave range (like Bohemian Rhapsody!) He has no idea how crap he sounds, but he’s having fun! And that’s really what Tone Def Tony and the song I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS is all about: having fun and having a go.

Stay tuned for more music insights into the band and project, and thank you again for all your continued support and encouragement. We’ll be posting about our upcoming music video and crowdfunding campaign to cover expenses and costumes, etc., in one of the next posts.



Drunk Santa Claus…?

Every now and again, as we get closer to the official launch date of our silly, smash-hit  Santa song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we’ll be posting little side notes about our journey to producing the song, Finch getting to grips with the Logic Pro X software and the studio hardware, things relating to Christmas, and other things related to the progress of our project. These are just some musings that came into our minds… We hope you enjoy!

Drunk SantaAs three, warm-blooded, middle-aged males, we have been known to like a drink or two (or three… or four… or… you get the point!) Even when there’s no particular reason to celebrate – it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy some ‘cheer’! It’s quite possible that’s where the original idea for the song lyrics came from, but that has long since been buried in Tony Def Tony’s intoxicated (pickled?) grey cells.

But think about Santa and the song for a few… even though he gets arrested and nobody gets any presents, we’re actually doing Santa a HUGE favour by taking him out on a pub crawl and getting him pissed (see the lyrics here, if you don’t already know the story!) I mean, let’s face it, to us adults – and more astute children – Santa’s not really got a very good rap, has he? Not really the sort of role model one would expect to have lasted so long:

  • He only works one day a year (who knows what he’s up to for the other 364 days!)
  • On that one day he abuses animals, making his reindeer fly thousands of miles at often times dangerously high altitudes – and speeds – with no food or rest (the animal rights mob should be up in arms over that one!)
  • Also on that day (or night) he quaffs copious amounts of sherry and the like! We’re not saying he should join AA, but THAT’S some serious binge drinking don’t you think?
  • Not to mention he breaks into people’s homes! What’s up with that?
  • If THAT wasn’t enough, he employs elves to make toys and presents all year long (sounds like some kind of sweat shop to me!)

BUT, he does bring presents, so I guess that’s okay. Or is it? Perhaps we shouldn’t be so easily fooled. It’s okay for politicians to think we are easily duped into believing their ploys, but Santa…? Let’s at least ask a few obvious questions we might ask the likes of Trump and May if they were in his shoes:

  • Where does he get his money from to pay for all this?
  • Does he have significant financial backers that expect special favour from him?
  • Is the North Pole a Santa tax haven?
  • Maybe it’s not JUST a tax haven for Santa? Could he be the original snowy hedge fund?
  • Perhaps he’s involved in money laundering?

All good points worth thinking about, but make sure you have a full glass when you do so. Thanks for reading. Thanks for all your support. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the song (it’s really starting to come together and sounds pretty cool) We’ll share some sneak clips from the studio in the next blog…

Until Next Time…!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even though we originally thought this artwork was ‘public domain’ it actually belongs to Simon Crack of www.deadcoolapps.com who create some really amazing app based games you should check out! They have very kindly given us permission to use it as we think it’s really cool.



Building The Studio – Part One

As a little aside to the story behind the song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, we thought we’d share some of our journey of building the studio we recorded in…

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a young drummer called little Mr Finch. Even though his Dad was an accomplished drummer, and his Mother had the patience of a saint, I’m sure any parent reading this can imagine what a right royal f**king pain in the arse it is to have a son practicing drums in the house! So, at the tender age of sixteen, young Mr Finch dreamed of having his own private soundproof studio to practice in and create the next great masterpiece.

As with most children’s dreams (unless you are born a Trump, Zuckerberg, or Jobs!) it languished unfulfilled for many, many, many years… There were attempts, but none actually came to fruition. Undeterred, young Finch – now getting on in years! – clung dearly to his dream, even though it was beginning to fade and get fuzzy around the edges.

“Dreams Don’t Quit On People, People Quit On Their Dreams!”

Fast forward to the year 2015. Having met two new friends (Davey and Donnelly) on film set earlier in the year, he felt brave enough to share his childhood dream. Rather than laugh (as many might do at the folly of such a project) they were encouraging, in fact, more than encouraging, they offered to help! After all, how difficult could it be to build a sound studio in your back garden…?

The first step was to clear the space ready to build: Shed gone

That seemed easy enough! The plans were already drawn up and permission had been granted – weren’t THEY the biggest hurdles? Now it was time to break ground. Due to the location, the footings had to be dug by hand. How hard can that be? Trench

Eleven tonnes of dirt later, and many weeks of manual labour, the footings were dug (one and a half meters deep!) and approved. But what to do with this mountain of dirt…? That’s where mates and beer come in VERY handy – and wheelbarrows! Over the course of a couple of weekends, two large skips were painstakingly filled to the brim with all the dirt, and we were left with a large moat in the back garden.

And now came the most disheartening part of the project… Time to fill the trench back in again, but this time with 11 tonnes of concrete…! Weeks of sweat and muscle-ache left us right where we had started from months ago!Pouring footings

We’re back to where we started, almost. Exhausted, but excited, the next stage could finally begin: building the walls!

“If You Build It, They will Drum…!”

Foundation walls

If you knew the effort, energy, and money it would actually take to complete a building task on your own, you’d probably never start it! But we had put so much time and effort into it so far, and called in so many ‘favours’, we had no choice but to see it to the end. Call it stupid, or call it smart, but we were too dumb to know it couldn’t be done… A little bit like we were Bumble Bee Builders: we didn’t know we weren’t supposed to be able to build a studio on our own, so we just kept on!

Stay tuned for Part Two of building the studio, which will be coming very soon. In the meantime, please like our posts, follow us, reblog us, and all that great social media jazz…

Until next time!

Part Two now published, read it here.

The Background Story


If you haven’t already heard the catchy, novelty Christmas song, I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS, the wait will soon be over, as it is set to be released late November this year (Go to our contact page to be added to our mailing list to keep up-to-date). Early forecasts say it will take the world by storm and climb up the charts rapidly, but who exactly is behind this surprising hit?


Christmas-beer1 NEWEnter stage left: Finch, Davey, & Donnelly Enterprises, a new music production partnership formed earlier this year. Even though – by their own admission – they are all just normal, middle-aged blokes – and their company sounds more like a branch of solicitors than musicians – they all share a ‘have-a-go’ attitude to life.

The three collaborators met for the first time three and a half years ago on a TV film set, and although music wasn’t the main topic of their early conversations back in 2015, they all went out for a beer once the shoot had wrapped, and have stayed in contact ever since. Little did they know where that chance encounter would lead them!

Finch, a drummer and accomplished musician in his own right, had dreamed of having his own music studio since he was just sixteen years old. Davey, a single parent father, had dreams of being a musician and artist, but life got in the way! Donnelly, a published author, actor, and entrepreneur, felt he’d f**ked up his eclectic life, having lived outside of the UK most of his adult life, and followed the whims of his various passions (which included, art, music, acting, construction, business, motivational coaching, and writing – to name but a few!)

A strange trio, one might think, to form a musical partnership, but as soon as Donnelly learned about Finch’s dream to build a music studio in his back garden (You can read about building the studio here), the first seeds were planted. Without the full budget to farm out the building project, they thought, ‘How difficult can it be to do it ourselves?’ That year, the plot was cleared, and first ground was broken. It would be two years later that the studio was finally completed. Little did they know, as they worked diligently on the construction of the studio, that they would actually be the first musicians to produce a song in that space.

Although all of them are highly creative ‘ideas men’ in their own right, it was Donnelly’s funny Christmas song that gained early attention from the group. In the midst of this year’s  summer heat wave, whilst promoting his World Cup song (CHANT LIKE AN ENGLISH FAN by The Laddz, from back in 2006) Donnelly got the lyrics for I GOT PISSED WITH SANTA CLAUS. He recorded a very rough proof-of-concept on his laptop and added a crude drum beat and sound effects, but it captured the idea. At their monthly lads’ get-together and poker night, he played it to the team. Although crude, out-of-time, off-beat, and badly sung, Finch and Davey thought it had merit.

That was that. Everything else was shelved, and the trio decided to go ‘All-in’ and set to work recording the track. Tone Def Tony was born! It hasn’t been plain sailing, as you’ll learn in the next few posts, as we keep you updated on our progress, but it’s all good fun.

For a sneak peek at the lyrics, go here and remember to like us, share us, reblog us, and wait patiently for the first taster reels of the song…!