BUY Our Song, It’s A Christmas ‘Cracker’!

With Christmas only 17 days away, we’re pulling out all the stops to try and expose our highly addictive charity Christmas song to as many people as possible. Buy our song and help us support those in the pub and hospitality trade survive this panic-demic!

Santa Cover NEW

It’s been quite an ordeal trying to spread the word, especially as we are up against so many more contenders this year, and have absolutely no backing. It hasn’t helped that even though we’re raising money for the pub and hospitality sector, EVERY SINGLE charity we’ve approached has either shunned our song or ignored us completely! It beggars belief that even the industry we are trying to help won’t even help us promote our song. Apart from a handful of publicans, we’ve had no assistance whatsoever. Gotta say I’m absolutely disgusted, but I remain hopeful.

Merry, Bloody Christmas!

Raising A Glass Against Cancer

Who needs an excuse to drink a glass of ‘bubbly’, right?

Well, in this case, it’s well deserved (at least we think so!) as not only have I finally made a dream come true and released my very own Christmas song, but my lovely fiance, Audrey, is finally over cancer! I’ll raise a glass to that!


What’s more, as you can see from the above photo, our hair is finally growing back! Yep, I showed what support I could by shaving my head the whole time – no great sacrifice for me, but it gave her a well-needed, good-old laugh at the! Thank goodness the Government didn’t stop her treatment, as they did for so many others suffering out there. We feel very blessed, and are looking forward to when all this lockdown nonsense stops and we can finally tie the knot properly, and grow old together in hopefully a back to normal world.


For Radio Broadcasters

Even though the general public is becoming more accepting of swearing during broadcasts, broadcasters must still abide by OfCom codes and regulations. Since they consider the word ‘pissed/ pissed off’ as “medium language, potentially unacceptable pre-watershed”, we have created a radio-friendly version of our song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” specifically for this purpose with all the potentially naughty words bleeped out.

Santa Cover NEWIf you are a broadcaster and would like to help our cause to raise money for the struggling pub trade, we are more than happy to send you an MP3 or wav file of our edited song. Please drop us a line via our contact page, or email: emailToneDefTony@gmail.com

Many thanks for all your support!