Whether you are a pub, a supporter, or a member of the press/ media, we’re trying to make it easier for you all to help us spread the word and make an impact this year with our silly Santa song, “I Got P*$$ed with Santa Claus” by Tone Def Tony. On this page you’ll hopefully find all the resources you need to help get the word out there about our project. If you don’t, and need more information, please drop us an email:

All The Streaming Links:

Electronic Press Kit (EPK): EPK – I Got Pissed With Santa Claus

Pub Poster: Pub Poster

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Tone Def TV on YouTube:

Twitter: @ToneDefTony1

We know times are tough for everyone this year, so if you can’t afford to buy or stream our song, please take a couple of minutes to like, follow, subscribe, post, and spread the word. Together we can make a real difference to what has been a ridiculous, terrifying, and confusing year for so many people.

Many, many thanks!